Girls team render opposition redundant

On Sept. 12, the Woodstock Tigers girls team won the annual five-a-side indoor football tournament, which was hosted on the school campus.

The after-school event was a huge success, with the finals, between the host team and Him Jyoti School, culminating in a Woodstock win of 9-2.

The team consisted of eight out of the twenty-three girls who are in the senior team.

The tournament was a knockout type. As one of the teams the Woodstock girls were supposed to play against did not show up, they automatically advanced to the semi-finals. 

The girls team had an easy path to the finals, beating Wynberg Allen School 11 – 1 during their semi-finals game.

The finals, however, were a much harder proposition. The team was down by two goals before the end of the first half.

“We were all really scared that we were going to lose, but all of us still had faith in each other,” said Amani Mohan, Class of 2021.

As the second half began, it seemed as if the only thing the Woodstock team could think about was winning. The team dominated the court, making an eye-widening comeback by scoring nine goals in the second half of the match, winning the tournament.

Mr. Arjun Puri, the senior girls’ coach, said, “When the second half began, I challenged them to score three goals and they ended up scoring nine.”  

fullsizeoutput_18e8Diya Singh, Class of 2019, and team captain, scored the most number of goals in the tournament, and hence was given the best player award.

When I saw them play the week before, I was very happy to see the spirit of the team, which is the most important thing for me. I believed in the girls, and I knew they had it in them,” Mr. Puri said.


Photos by Knema Gardner and Mannat Singh 

Edited by Shivaansh Garg and Dhrubhagat Singh


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