People’s experiences of Sadie Hawkins

There was much anticipation for this year’s Sadie Hawkins. The theme was “Secret Garden.” People were all decked, dressed, and ready for the event on a cold October night. Many showed up in beautiful dresses and formal suits with dates or friends by their side.

Despite the hype, not everyone had a pleasant experience. Some reluctantly attended Sadie for the sake of it, others didn’t attend Sadie at all.

Everyone has stories from that night, so we went around asking people about their funny, strange, cute, surprising, and memorable moments.

Here are a few interesting answers we found:

Please note: All answers are anonymous

1. No date, No problem.

“Some of the girls who didn’t go to Sadie started feeling sad around 8 p.m. So they decided to go and have their own dance party in dorms. They eventually realized there was no internet connection so they decided to have a full five-star meal with everything that you can imagine and ended their night with Just Dance.”

2. Curiosity kills the night.

“Someone got his date a very expensive perfume and the date refused to believe it. So while they were going for Sadie, she was so curious to know if it really was true, that she went up to Midlands and realized that it was true (the gift had more things along with it). They weren’t even dating.”

3. Fashionista

“I know someone who wanted to go to Sadie just because they wanted to wear their dress.”

4. Stingy?

“Some people I know wanted to make it in time for Sadie so they fit 12 people in one small taxi and the price per person was just Rs. 30!.”

6. Not-so-stingy.

“I saw a Mercedes SUV in the Ridgewood parking lot and I was SHOCKED!”

“One person was asked a day or two before Sadie and went all out to get a lot of things that made their date very happy. This happened after they had promised no gifts.”

5. “And lived happily ever after…”

“The boy I like randomly came up to me on the dance floor when the slow songs were playing and asked me to dance with him. YAY!!”

“Slow dancing was fun ;)”

6. “And lived happily ever after…?”

“While the slow songs were playing, I was slow dancing with my friend while making an eye contact with the boy I like.”

“This guy I was allegedly supposed to ask gave me stares throughout Sadie.”

“This couple was dancing as it if they were playing ‘Ring-a Ring-a Roses’ on the slow songs.”

7. That one mascara-ruined girl at every party ever.

“There is this particular song called ‘Sooraj Dooba Hai’, that my ex-boyfriend and I danced to on last Sadie and it became our song for each other. It has now been more than six months since we broke up and when that song played in Parker Hall this year, I couldn’t help getting teary-eyed and my heart felt heavy. Even though I went with another boy, I couldn’t control those emotions.”

8. Pre-Sadie CHAOS!

“My roommate kept messing up her nail paint up so my friend and I had to do it 10 times for her.”

“The 11th graders’ six-people room turned into a beauty parlor, and when we came back it was so messy that we had to clean it up for about an hour.”

9. Is it Sadie Hawkins?

“The decor made it feel like Independence Day.”

“It was funny to see toilet paper around the dance floor. I believe that it was part of the decorations.”

“The decorations kind of reminded me of Ganesh Chaturthi.”


Photo by Mikko Aoki

Edited  by Nalin Mahajan and Hyenjin Cho

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