The Swishathon team that shall reject them all

As the 5th annual Swishathon approaches, The Woodstocker has decided to forecast this tournament for all the basketball fans in our community.

Disclaimer: These predicted scores are purely for entertainment


Girls Pool

Group A Scores Group B Scores
LesBeHonest vs F.R.I.E.N.D.S 6-4 Ice Cream vs ADIDAB 14-12
LesBeHonest vs Sunnyside Up 7-2 Ice Cream vs Not So Fanxy 13-2
LesBeHonest vs Finesse 4-12 Ice Cream vs Deja vu 16-4
F.R.I.E.N.D.S vs Finesse 2-10 Deja vu vs ADIDAB 5-14
F.R.I.E.N.D.S vs Sunnyside Up 3-4 Not so Fanxy vs Deja Vu 3-6
Sunnyside Up vs Finesse 4-10 Not so Fanxy vs ADIDAB 4-20


ADIDAB records a win against Finesse (14-9) to reach the finals.

Ice cream records a win against LesBeHonest (14-2) to reach the finals.


Ice cream over ADIDAB (15-13) to win Swishathon from the girls pool.

Boys Pool

Group A Score Group B Score
Suicide Squad vs Nicer Guys 12-29 Bhandari Bois vs Mandeep Drycleaners 30-8
Suicide Squad vs Idk 16-10 Bhandari Bois vs Nonstop 25-10
Suicide Squad vs Pepe the Frogs 14-30 Bhandari Bois vs Oreo Dunkers 20-16
Suicide Squad vs Game of Throws 15-20 Bhandari Bois vs McAloo Tikki 28-20
Nicer Guys vs Game of Throws 45-16 Nonstop vs Oreo Dunkers 10-21
Nicer Guys vs Idk 29-17 Nonstop vs McAloo Tikki 11-24
Nicer Guys vs Pepe the Frogs 27-20 Nonstop vs Mandeep Drycleaners 15-17
Pepe the Frogs vs Game of Throws 25-15 McAloo Tikki vs Oreo Dunkers 22-19
Pepe the Frogs vs Idk 26-12 McAloo Tikki vs Mandeep Drycleaners 25-12
Game of Throws vs Idk 18-12 Mandeep Drycleaners vs Oreo Dunkers 12-23
Group C Scores
Hit or Miss vs Bouncy Bouncy 22-6
Hit or Miss vs Nice Guys 22-18
Hit or Miss vs The Legends 25-16
Hit or Miss vs Johnny Sons 20-28
Bouncy Bouncy vs The Legends 15-16
Bouncy Bouncy vs Nice Guys 12-24
Bouncy Bouncy vs Johnny Sons 5-22
Johnny Sons vs Nice Guys 26-31
Johnny Sons vs The Legends 25-7
The Legends vs Nice Guys 9-30


Qualification for the fourth and last spot in the semi-finals:

Nice Guys record win against Pepe the Frogs (25-20).

Nice Guys over Johnny Sons (23-18).

Johnny Sons beat Pepe the Frogs (27-22).

Nice Guys advance to the finals.

Hit or Miss over Bhandari Bois (22-18) to reach the finals.

Nicer Guys record a win against Nice Guys (27-22) to reach the finals


Nicer Guys over Hit or Miss (38-18) to win Swishathon from the Boys pool

Ryan Bajaj is a staff reporter for The Woodstocker

Edited by Shivaansh Garg and Aarti Malhotra

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