Extensive search for new principal gets underway

After receiving the news of Dr. Jonathon Long’s departure, The Board of Directors embarked on the process of finding a new principal, setting up a committee that is hoping to find the new leader before the end of the school year.

Out of a pool of more than 600 applicants, the committee shortlisted 25. After getting more information from the candidates, the committee will decide on a shorter list to present to the Board, which meets later this week.

Mr. Hugh Bradby, who heads the search committee, said, “We are looking to find the very best person for the present Woodstock students. We’re not going to appoint someone who’s going to be Board ka chamcha (“spoon”).

To advertise the open position, the Board used online tools like Linkedin, as well as portals like the Times Educational Supplement, CIS, and Education Week. The position was advertised nationally and internationally.

The school is looking for someone who has a “certain level of education and experience. We’re especially impressed with people who have had experience with Woodstock or with a similar school,” Mr. Bradby said.

Additionally, Mr. Thomas Chandy, the president of the Board of Directors, said, “He or she should be a practicing Christian.”

Mr. Chandy also said these interviews are conducted with “a standard set of questions that have been deliberated upon by the search committee.”

The Board wants a final list of candidates before the end of March and to select the principal by April.

Mr. Bradby also said that the board wants the principal to be someone who the students have met and interacted with. Hence, the final candidates for the position will be visiting the campus at the end of March to meet with the student body, teachers, support staff, parents, and alumni. After this, the candidates will be interviewed in person by the Board.

“We’re also looking for the personal qualities that he or she would have to be able to be an inspiration to the school, both now and leading into the future,” Mr. Bradby said.

Janvi Poddar is the features editor of The Woodstocker

Photo by Janvi Poddar

Edited by Dhrubhagat Singh

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