She said, He said, She Said: Riya, Perm, and Jiwon

Jiwon Chun and Phasin Laplamool, Class of 2020, have been a couple since Sept. 21, 2018.  Riya Kohli has been Jiwon’s best friend ever since she came to Woodstock in July 2016.

Kohli and Laplamool were separately asked questions about Jiwon to test who knows her better:

What’s the name of Jiwon’s baby cousin?

Riya: “Jiann.”

Perm: “Wait, wait, I remember this, I remember this…Jiah? No, no, no…something ‘ah.’ Do you know? Maybe Jiah. Oh, Jiann! Jiann!”

Jiwon: “Jiann.”

What annoys Jiwon the most?

Riya: “Unhygienic people.”

Perm: “Do I have to say just one? Ah, this is hard. Jeera. [an Indian spice which is often put in food.]”

Jiwon: “Socks on my bed.”

Who is Jiwon’s favorite artist?

Riya: “iKON.”

Perm: “Probably some hip-hop artist. *From a distance, Sunggon Cho, Class of 2020, suggests iKON [a K-Pop boy group]* Do they count as artists? If iKON counts as an artist, then iKON.”

Jiwon: “iKON, bro.”

Who is Jiwon’s celebrity crush?

Riya: “B.I.”

Perm: “Do you know all of this? She had a really big thing for – what’s his name? ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ guy – Johnny Depp. Oh and this guy who plays Professor X, the younger one, the bald guy. [X-Men movie]”

Jiwon: “iKON…B.I.”

What was Jiwon’s PSAT score?

Riya: “1080.”

Perm: *Aggressively snaps fingers* “1070? 1080? 1040? 10-something.”

Jiwon: “1090.”

If Jiwon had to take only one thing to a deserted island, what would it be?

Riya: “God knows…I think music.”

Perm: “Me.”

Jiwon: “Food…oh actually, a man, I’ll take Perm.”

What is Jiwon’s most precious possession?

Riya: “This box that Bianca gave her.”

Perm: “She has a lot of gifts that I gave her. Maybe my bracelet.”

Jiwon: “Friends.”

What’s a word/phrase Jiwon uses most often?

Riya: “Wah!”

Perm: “In English, right? I mean obviously. ‘Bro.’”

Jiwon: “Bro.”

How many times has Jiwon sprained her ankle in Woodstock?

Riya: “A lot…eight.”

Perm: “Too many times to count. Probably six?”

Jiwon: “Three times in 9th grade, five times in 10th grade…seven times [in total] I think, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than seven, though.”

What is the smell of Jiwon’s perfume?

Riya: “Grapefruit.”

Perm: “Grapefruit.”

Jiwon: “Grapefruit. Did he [Perm] get it right? He should.”

What is Jiwon’s favorite piece of clothing?

Riya: “Her new ‘1984’ t-shirt and her grey puffy jacket.”

Perm: “Her grey puffy jacket.”

Jiwon: “The cropped denim jacket given by Perm.”

What is Jiwon’s favorite karaoke song?

Riya: “She has too many…’Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars.”

Perm: “Some rap song…some Korean rap song. ‘Iffy.’”

Jiwon: “‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars.”

What is Jiwon’s favorite K-Drama?

Riya: “‘Another Miss Oh.’”

Perm: “‘Another Miss Oh.’”

Jiwon: “‘Another Miss Oh.’”

What is Jiwon’s current obsession?

Riya: “Her ‘1984’ t-shirt.”

Perm: “SAT.”

Jiwon: “Perm.”

What is the color of Jiwon’s braces?

Riya: “White.”

Perm: “Oh my…greenish, like minty green.”

Jiwon: “Grey.”


Aditi Deswal is a staff reporter

Jigya Talwar, Class of 2020, contributed to this article.

Edited by Nupur Agrawal

Photo by Knema Gardner

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