Swish-A-Thon 2019 exhibited exemplary sportsmanship

Feb. 21, 2019. The highlights of the 5th Annual Swish-A-Thon were the sportsmanship and mutual respect depicted by several teams.

This year, the money collected will be donated to Project Burans, an initiative part of the Emmanuel Health Association that promotes mental health in rural parts of Northern India. The organization is currently working in Mussoorie and four other neighboring sites.

Suicide Squad, boys troll team from the Class of 2019, and Nicer Guys, another team from the Class of 2019, officially started off the games.

To some extent, the friendly spirit of this years’ Swish-A-Thon was set by the convivial match played by two teams of the graduating class.

Due to the respect and amiability depicted by the players, Mr. Jeff Doerfler, the Dean of Student Life, pointed out his difficulty in deciding the winner of the Sportsmanship award. He said, “any team could have gotten the award.”

He plauded all the teams for keeping their calm and showing astounding sportsmanship, which had not been the case for several previous sporting events.

Although it was a difficult call to make, the Sportsmanship award went to Finesse, the girls team from the Class of 2021, and Hit or Miss, the boys team from the Class of 2022.

Another aspect that was acclaimed was this year’s fair share of good players in each team. Mr. Doerfler pointed out that school’s best players were all evenly spread out, hence he said that this made it very interesting for the crowd.

The crowd roared as the lead changed within the span of a few seconds. This was especially true for the semi-finals. The crowd roared as Bhandari boys, a team from the Class of 2020, and Nicer Guys, boys team from the Class of 2019, intensely fought for their next basket.

Keeping the supporters highly engaged, everyone shouted at the top of their lungs to outshout the other team.“Defense, Defense!” was overlapped by “Offence, Offence!” from the supporters of the opposing team.

And the team that advanced to the finals with an intense single-point-game lead was Bhandari Boys, and they won with the score- 27 to 26.

The second semi-final game in the boys section was again a nerve-wracker. The game between Nice Guys, a team from the Class of 2019, and Pepe the Frog, a team from Class of 2022, ended with a single point again, with Nice Guys taking the victory.

This years’ winning teams were ADIDAB, the girls team from the Class of 2019, and Nice Guys from the boys pool.

Rachel Solomon, Class of 2019, from ADIDAB received the MVP award from the girls pool, while Tenzin Dorjee Nepali, Class of 2019, from Nice Guys received the MVP award from the boys pool.

Hyenjin Cho is the Editor-in-Chief of TheWoodstocker.

Edited by Shivaansh Garg

Featured Photo by Keya Sanghavi

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