She said, He said, She said: Rachel, Arpit, and Red

Rachel and Arpit are a couple, and Red is Rachel’s best friend.

Arpit and Red were asked specific questions related to Rachel, to figure out who knows her better.

Please note: No answers were discussed.

What is Rachel’s all-time favorite Disney movie?

Rachel: The original High School Musical.

Arpit: High School Musical.

Red: I’m gonna say Frozen.

What color does Rachel wear most often?

Rachel: I would say black.

Arpit: Blue and Black.

Red: Blue.

What does Rachel usually eat for breakfast?

Rachel: Cereal, specifically Chocos, and bread with honey.

Arpit: Chocos.

Red: Cereal.

How does Rachel like her coffee?

Rachel: With milk and sugar.

Arpit: I don’t think she drinks a lot of coffee.

Red: She doesn’t drink coffee.

What is that one food place in Pacific Mall that Rachel would go to right after entering?

Rachel: KFC.

Arpit: KFC and Dunkin Donuts.

Red: KFC.

What is Rachel’s favorite weather?

Rachel: I love winter.

Arpit: Winter.

Red: Not too much sun, not too much rain.

What is Rachel’s middle name?

Rachel: Grace.

Arpit: Grace.

Red: Grace.

Where and when was Rachel born?

Rachel: In Oklahoma on June 30, 2000.

Arpit: She was born in Oklahoma on June 30, 2000.

Red: Born in Oklahoma, June 14, 2000.

Who does Rachel look up to most?

Rachel: My parents.

Arpit: Her mom.

Red: Her mother.

Who would Rachel rather be with?

Rachel: Arpit.

Arpit: Obviously me.

Red: Oh my God, it’s obvious, she’d rather be with me.


Priyansha Agarwal is a staff reporter

Edited by Nalin Mahajan

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