Tigers repeat as Doon Cup champs

“I’ll be surprised if we win, but I’ll also be surprised if we lose,” said Kuhu Singh, Class of 2021, said before heading off for this year’s Doon Cup.

The senior girls football team has been with three coaches in the past two years: Mr. Francisco, Mr. Puri, and Mr. Hubbard. But they worked past this uncertainty and managed to win the Doon Cup again this year.

“We left the tournament as defending champions last year and we did the same this year. It’s an amazing feeling,” Amani Mohan, Class of 2021, said. The team has been working relentlessly through prelims and classes to make sure their chemistry remained strong and to retain the title of defending champions.

The Doon Cup began on April 17 and went on till April 20. On the first day, Woodstock played Him Jyoti School in an intense game, culminating in a Woodstock win of 4-1.

“This was a tough game as the Him Jyoti players were aggressive and some of our newer players got intimidated by them,” Mohan said. Later that day, Woodstock played the Asian School and won 4-0. Lastly, Woodstock played against Harbilas Goyal Inter College and lost 1-2 in penalties. Amani Mohan scored.

The next morning, Woodstock was under pressure to win their games or else it would result in them the opportunity to receive first place; they played Doon Heritage and won 4-0. That was followed by the Millennium School Dubai, and Woodstock won 8-0. Then, they played Unison World School in a friendly game and won 3-0.

Later that day, they played Ecole Globale International Girls School and won 5-0. Lastly, they partook in a highly competitive game against GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai. “GEMS was the strongest team we have played at the Doon Cup and we really needed to win,” said Mohan. Woodstock won 3-2. 

The Tigers returned home champions.


Nupur Agrawal is the Arts and Entertainment editor of The Woodstocker.

Edited by Shivaansh Garg



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