The Goal-a-thon team that shall dominate them all

As the tenth Goal-a-thon season approaches, in approximately 19 hours, The Woodstocker decided to expertly predict outcomes.


Group A Scores Group B Scores
0% Risk vs Fanxy 1-3 Baba Balani vs Dhinchak Divas 3-0
Fanxy vs LesBeHonest 2-0 Matcha vs Baba Balani 1-4
LesBeHonest vs Milo 1-3 Baba Balani vs Too Holy 2-0
Milo vs 0% Risk 3-0 Dhinchak Divas vs Matcha 1-1
Milo vs Fanxy 1-3 Too Holy vs Dhinchak Divas 0-2
LesBeHonest vs 0% Risk 1-1 Too Holy vs Baba Balani 1-2


Group C Scores
Back Home vs NERDS 1-1
Back Home vs Screaming Nachos 3-0
Back Home vs Thotimus Prime 0-4
NERDS vs Screaming Nachos 2-0
NERDS vs Thotimus Prime 1-3
Thotimus Prime vs Screaming Nachos 2-0



Fanxy vs Baba Balani: 2-0

Thotimus Prime vs Milo: 3-1



Fanxy vs Thotimus Prime: 3-2

Fanxy conquers the tournament.



Group A Group B
A$AP JOCKY vs Hindustani Church 0-4 A$AP COCKY vs Chaat Masala 0-5
A$AP JOCKY vs Jae’s Creatures 2-1 A$AP COCKY vs Employees Team 0-4
A$AP JOCKY vs Overrated 0-4 A$AP COCKY vs No Skill No Effort 0-2
A$AP JOCKY vs PowerPuff Boys 0-9 A$AP COCKY vs VSCO Girls 2-0
Hindustani Church vs Jae’s Creatures 4-0 Chaat Masala vs Employees Team 3-1
Hindustani Church vs Overrated 2-3 Chaat Masala vs No Skill No Effort 2-0
Hindustani Church vs PowerPuff Boys 1-2 Chaat Masala vs VSCO Girls 6-0
Jae’s Creatures vs Overrated 0-2 Employees Team Vs. No Skill No Effort 2-0
Jae’s Creatures vs PowerPuff Boys 0-5 Employees Team vs VSCO Girls 4-0
Overrated vs. PowerPuffBoys 1-2 No Skill No Effort vs VSCO Girls 3-0


Group C Group D
Anti Soccer Soccer Club vs Baby 0-7 Bhagat Boiz vs BoomShakaLaka 3-2
Anti Soccer Soccer Club vs Desi Me Rollin’ 0-1 Bhagat Boiz vs Old Schoolers 2-1
Anti Soccer Soccer Club vs Horlicksss 0-3 Bhagat Boiz vs Tappp 5-0
Anti Soccer Soccer Club vs NonStop 2-1 BoomShakaLaka vs Old Schoolers 1-2
Baby vs Desi Me Rollin’ 7-0 BoomShakaLaka vs Tappp 6-0
Baby vs Horlicksss 3-1 Old Schoolers vs Tapp 2-0
Baby vs NonStop 5-0
Desi Me Rolin’ vs Horlicksss 1-3
Desi Me Rollin’ vs NonStop 3-1
Horlicksss vs NonStop 3-0


PowerPuff Boys vs Employees Team: 3-0 

Horlicksss vs Bhagat Boiz: 1-5

Overrated vs Chaat Masala: 1-4

Baby vs Boom Shakalaka: 2-3


PowerPuff Boys vs Chaat Masala: 1-2

Boom Shakalaka vs Bhagat Boiz: 2-1


Chaat Masala vs Boom Shakalaka: 2-0

Chaat Masala conquers the tournament.

In calculating these fixtures, The Woodstocker leaned heavily on complex statistical analysis and kinematic models.


Dhrubhagat Singh contributed to this article.

Shivaansh Garg is the sports editor for The Woodstocker

Edited by Dhrubhagat Singh

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