Tigers in action: 5-a-side 2019

Last Tuesday, September 10, the Woodstock Girls Senior team won gold and the Boys team ended runners up in the 5-a-side football tournament that took place in the Win Mumby Gym. The annual tournament lasted three days, and several schools around Uttarakhand took part.

The Woodstock girls’ senior football team was held victorious in the finals against Hope Town School, ending 3-1. The Woodstock senior boys team put a tough fight, however, lost 3-1 in the Final against Wynberg Allen.

There was also a day dedicated to only staff. On Saturday, eleven staff teams from different schools showed up to the gymnasium and took part in the tournament. Wynberg Allen’s seized the trophy and Tibetan Homes School came runners up. Unfortunately, Woodstock’s staff team were knocked out in the Semi-Finals.

A total of 34 teams participated in the tournament this year, and all enjoyed it thoroughly. These teams included both students and staff. Manan, Class of 2021, from Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School said, “I like playing in Woodstock and loved the experience. This is my first time and I want to come again.”

Dr. Cook, Principal of Woodstock School, experienced 5-a-side for the first time and described it as “very fascinating.” He is happy that so many teams in Mussoorie participated and he thinks “the tournament showed a sense of school spirit and brought everyone closer.”

Amani Mohan, Class of 2021, felt that Woodstock is her home ground and that this tournament especially important to her and the team. The girls’ football team went through a series of emotions but managed to put them aside and challenge themselves. Sarahna Daliya, Class of 2022, winner of the Best Player Award, said her experience was “stressful but despite the number of new players, the outcome was good.”

Mr. Puri, the former football girls coach, thought that “Tara Puri, class of 2019 had amazing leadership skills and was incredible throughout the tournament.” He also was happy with Sarahna Daliya who took “full responsibility as being a striker and taking shots for her team.”

The senior boys team really put themselves out there and fought as ferociously as real Tigers to show their opponents what they were capable of. Mr Huten, the current football boys coach was “positive and satisfied after [the boys’ team’s] first game.” They showed “integrity and dedication” throughout the tournament. They fought with “spirit and did their best at all times.”

Thgirls’ls team will return to this tournament as the Defending Champions next year and will be hoping to keep the winning streak going. And despite the final’s loss, the boys’ team is confident and pepped about next year.

“I can’t wait for next year, we’re going to bring the trophy home. We just got unlucky this year,” says Amer Beri, (goalkeeper for the boys’ football team) class of 2021.


Ira Ahuja is a staff reporter 

Photo by Keya Sanghavi 

Edited by Shivaansh Garg 



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