He said, She said: Mr Ady, Ms Priya

The Woodstocker is back with the He said/She said features on different couples at Woodstock School.

How did you guys first meet? 

Mr Manral: I remember meeting Priya in Ridgewood, in heavy rain! I think the school was just getting started after a break in the monsoon, and I had just joined Woodstock as a new staff member. 

Ms Priya: We met in Woodstock waaay back in 2009.

What is Ms Rollins’ all-time favorite movie?

Mr Manral: Priya likes everything weird, especially films like Universal Soldier, Godzilla, and yes King Kong is her all-time favorite! 

Ms Priya: I don’t have a favorite movie, but I could watch Friends on repeat allll day!

What color does Ms Rollins wear most often?

Mr Manral: I think Off-white.  

Ms Priya: Red and Black.

What is her go to song?

Mr Manral: Dance Music, something that is up-beat. Mostly songs that you can play while running. 

Ms Priya: No one song, but I like to dance to some good ol’ country music.

Who does Ms Priya look up to most in life?

Mr Manral: Bipin Ji at Char Dukkan! JK, like some of my other answers! I think some educators that she has previously worked with are in the list. 

Ms Priya: My parents.

What is her one true dream?

 Mr Manral: Priya is a creator and would love to be able to get some sort of a craft business going on for her. 

Ms Priya: To own my little business. 

What is Ms Rollins’ favorite holiday destination?

Mr Manral: I think by the beach, maybe Agonda in Goa. 

Ms Priya: Goa.

Who’s the better parent?

 Mr Manral: I think we both have a very balanced way of parenting. And since we have 2 kids, we both manage one each! Just like you would if you had pets. 😉 

Ms Priya: Ady 🙂

Sakthi is a staff reporter.

Edited by Dyumna.

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