He said, She said: Angel, Mahima

Mahima and Angel are a couple in Woodstock who have been dating for a month. They were asked specific questions related to each other, to figure out who knows who better. 

Please note: No answers were discussed. 

What was your first impression of each other? 

Mahima : I just remember him being really noticeable 

Angel : I was sitting on the table, she walked up to my table and then she just sat there with all the confidence in the world, and I was really impressed so then things started going on from there. 

Mahima, what is his favorite thing about you?

Mahima : I think it would be like him thinking that I’m quite honest 

Angel : From the start I always told her that I really like how she’s pure. So like whatever she feels, whatever is going through her head, she says it, she doesn’t hold back.

And that’s something I really like about her 

What do you think annoys Mahima the most about you?

Angel : When I talk about other girls? 

Mahima: When he gets tired really easily

 Angel : Yeah at night, I just fall asleep on call

Who made the first move? 

Mahima : I did

Angel : Yeah she had been stalking me for a couple of months, I’m joking

She came up to me, and she’s like is this your instagram and we started talking from there

Who is Mahima’s celebrity crush? 

Angel : Me of course, no I’m joking.

She’s never really told me 

Mahima : Yeah I have! Oh my god

Angel : You have? 

Well then, some Korean pop artist I’d say

Mahima : Yeah, Yugyeom 

Who is Angel’s favorite artist?

Mahima : Something Louise, or something like that 

Angel : Yes, Lewis Capaldi 

What was Mahima’s dream career as a child?

Angel : Mahima, did you even have a dream career?

Mahima : Yeah I’ve told you this!

Angel proceeds to struggle for 2 minutes, 30 seconds 


Oh I know, I know, I know what it is *furiously snaps fingers*

Nurse! he says proudly

Mahima puts her head in her hands 

Mahima : I wanted to be a rockstar because of Hannah Montana 

What is Angel’s pet peeve?

Mahima : When it comes to his sister, he becomes very protective, so something related to that? 

Angel : In general, I dislike fake people

Dyumna is a staff reporter.

Edited by Kyra

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