The Revival of Goal-a-thon 2022

After a long wait, the tenth edition of Goal-a-thon is finally here. The Woodstocker has decided to forecast this season for all the football geeks at school.  


Pool 1

Afrojacks vs Bouncy BouncyAfrojacks 
Afrojacks vs Grade 6 UnitedAfrojacks
Afrojacks vs How’s the JoshAfrojacks
Bouncy Bouncy vs Grade 6 UnitedGrade 6 United
Bouncy Bouncy vs How’s the JoshHow’s the Josh
Grade 6 United vs How’s the JoshHow’s the Josh

Pool 2

Horlicksss vs Center FruitHorlicksss
Horlicksss vs Supa StrikersHorlicksss
Horlicksss vs EmployeesHorlicksss
Center Fruit vs Supa StrikersSupa Strikers
Supa Strikers vs EmployeesEmployees
Employees vs Center FruitEmployees

Pool 3

Non-stop vs Grade 7 TeamNon-stop 
Non-stop vs Sugar DadsNon-stop
Non-stop vs Staff TeamNon-stop
Grade 7 Team vs Staff TeamStaff Team
Grade 7 Team vs Sugar DadsSugar Dads
Sugar Dads vs Staff TeamStaff Team

Pool 4

Ayeayeo vs Jae’s CreaturesAyeayeo
Ayeayeo vs Chammak ChallosAyeayeo
Ayeayeo vs Leaked BoizzzAyeayeo
Jae’s Creatures vs Chammak ChallosJae’s Creatures
Jae’s Creatures vs Leaked BoizzzJae’s Creatures
Chammak Challos vs Leaked BoizzzChammak Challos


Afrojacks vs EmployeesAfrojacks
How’s the Josh vs HorlicksssHorlicksss
Non-stop vs Jae’s CreaturesNon-stop
Staff Team vs AyeayeoAyeayeo


Afrojacks vs Non StopNon-stop
Horlicksss vs AyeayeoAyeayeo


Non-stop vs AyeayeoAyeayeo


Pool 1 

Material Goalz vs Bad CompanyMaterial Goalz
Material Goalz vs Money Makers Material Goalz
Material Goalz vs The Chosen OnesMaterial Goalz
Material Goalz vs UnstoppableMaterial Goalz
Bad Company vs UnstoppableBad Company
Bad Company vs The Chosen OnesBad Company
Bad Company vs Money MakersMoney Makers
Money Makers vs The Chosen OnesMoney Makers
Money Makers vs UnstoppableMoney Makers
The Chosen Ones vs Unstoppable The Chosen Ones

Pool 2 

Brother vs Badmash CompanyBrothers
Brothers vs Gold DiggersBrothers
Brothers vs InsomniaBrothers
Brothers vs OvertimeBrothers
Badmash Company vs Gold DiggersBadmash Company
Badmash Company vs InsomniaBadmash Company
Badmash Company vs OvertimeBadmash Company
Gold Diggers vs InsomniaGold Diggers
Gold Diggers vs OvertimeOvertime
Overtime vs Insomnia Overtime


Brothers vs Money MakersBrothers
Badmash Company vs Material GoalzMaterial Goalz


Brothers vs Material GoalzMaterial Goalz

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