She said, She said, She said: Sahana, Kiara, Gazal

The Woodstocker is back with the He said/She said features on people at Woodstock School.

Sahana, Kiara, and Gazal are best friends and were asked questions to see who knows who the best.

Please note: No answers were discussed. 

What is Kiara’s favourite food?

Gazal- Red bull

Kiara- Red bull isn’t food.

Gazal- Ya but she will eat it. She will figure out a way to eat it

Sahana- Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

Gazal- Maggi!

Kiara- The real answer is probably Maggi

What is Sahana’s love language?

Gazal- Touch?

Kiara- She tried to murder me in Dubai for touching her. I’m just going to say it’s being mean cause she’s really mean to the people she loves. She hates people because she loves them, its Sahana logic so it doesn’t make sense.

Sahana- You guys are terrible, both of you know the real answer is biting. I literally bite people because I love them.

Gazal- Technically that’s touch.

Sahana- Biting is not the same as touch!

Do you think Gazal would be a good parent?

*Do keep in mind the answer to this was almost immediate

Sahana and Kiara- NO! She is terrible with children 

What are your best and worst memories with Kiara?

Sahana- I don’t know how much I can say on the record. Okay let’s see the worst is probably when she tackles me every time she’s bored, and the best is when she came to Dubai and came to my house.

Gazal- Best is probably our Sundays. We would have like Kiara gazal day and order food and chill together. My worst is probably getting beaten up by her daily. All our worst memories involve something physical.

Kiara- My worst memory of Gazal is her waking me up in the morning on the weekends. I don’t know why she’s up and she’s just on my bed it’s really traumatizing and with Sahana is when she tickles me because she’s good at tickling and it’s traumatizing.

Sahana- Being good at tickling is the worst compliment I’ve ever got in my life.

Kiara- My best memory is what Gazal said because we would just order tons of food and not talk to anyone and then with Sahana I can’t think of just one but my entire Dubai trip and running away from my father.

Who is the messiest?

Sahana- Kiara

Gazal- Kiara

Kiara- Me

Gazal- Just look at her room.

Sahana- She leaves all her clothes everywhere, she doesn’t do laundry, she leaves her stuff in the stupidest places. Just look at her cupboard right now you’ll understand.

Gazal- You’ll find like a single slipper somewhere and a used sock. She’s so messy.

Kiara- Ya but it’s easier to find things in my mess.

Sahana- No it’s not!

Who has the worst taste in guys?

Gazal- Sahana.

Kiara- Sahana.

Sahana- I’m going to get personally attacked. I knew it.

Sahana- This meeting was not to expose my trauma.

(Sahana agrees that she has the worst taste in men.)

Who gives the best relationship advice?

Kiara – Probably Sahana even though she has the most messed up relationships she gives really good advice.

Gazal- Ya she’s like our therapist we go to her for everything.

Sahana- That’s so sweet!

What is Gazal’s favourite thing to do in her free time?

Sahana- Sleep or talk to her boyfriend.

Kiara- No she finds the weirdest things to watch and spends 6 hours doing that.

Sahana- Or she plays the stupidest game to play on her phone.

Gazal- The correct answer is sleep.

What are Sahana’s pet peeves?

Kiara- Being touched. 

Gazal- Clingy people.

Sahana- No I hate fake people.

Gazal- You are the fakest person I know!

Kyra is a staff reporter.

Edited by Dyumna

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