He said, He said, He said: Namgyal, Vansh, Aadil

The Woodstocker is back with the He said/She said features on people at Woodstock School.

Namgyal, Vansh, and Aadil are roommates and were asked a series of questions regarding their lifestyle.

Please note: No answers were discussed. 

Who’s the messiest room mate?

Namgyal: Vansh sleeps on the floor. 

Vansh: Aadil is the messiest roommate. He leaves his dhobi on the floor because he’s too lazy to bring his dhobi bag after dhobi. 

Aadil: Vansh. He doesn’t change his bed sheet. 

Who cleans the most?

Namgyal: Me

Vansh: Namgyal cleaned the most once as someone was coming to our room. So he made mine and Aadil’s bed and arranged our shoes and all. 

Aadil: Namgyal cleans the most. 

Who has the worst taste in girls?

Namgyal: All of us

Vansh: No one has bad taste. But Aadil’s current girl…Let’s not go there. 

Aadil: Vansh has the worst taste in girls by far. My guy might end up in prison one day!

Who gets the other two into the most trouble?

Namgyal: Vansh likes to stalk people in Midlands.

Vansh: We don’t get into trouble 😉 

Aadil: Vansh gets us in the most trouble because of his anger issues. 

Who is the biggest simp?

Namgyal: Badboy

Vansh: Aadil is the biggest simp. He came to my birthday 2 hours late cuz he was with his ex-wife.

Aadil: Gotta admit I’m the biggest simp ahahhahah.

What was your first impression of the other two?

Namgyal: Vansh was such a gorgeous girl, Badboy was spreading the Gospel. 

Vansh: Aadil acted really nice to me back in 7th grade but then I got to know him. Namgyal seems really fun but I thought he was kind of arrogant back in the 7th. 

Aadil: When I first saw Vansh, I was amazed that he didn’t know how to speak English. When I first saw Namgyal, he was crying because he was homesick so yea….

What’s one flaw and one good attribute?

Namgyal: Vansh knows how to be himself but he doesn’t know how to eat with his mouth closed. Badboy makes very good cold Maggi balls but he does not share. 

Vansh: One flaw is that they both make too much fun. One attribute is that they’re legit always there for me frfr. 

Aadil: One good attribute about Vansh is that he has a lot of food. One flaw is that he sings too much and he needs to shut his mouth. 

Which one is Aadil’s ex girlfriends is your favourite?

Namgyal: Kalsang


Aadil: No ex is my favourite….

What’s Namgyal’s healthiest habit?

Namgyal: I put oil in Vansh’s hair. 

Vansh: Namgyal’s healthiest habit is that he showers 4 times a day and does daily meditation to achieve enlightenment. 

Aadil: Namgyal’s healthiest habit is meditating and he does Yoga. He’s trying to achieve enlightenment. 

What’s Vansh’s most impressive talent?

Namgyal: He sleeps like a whale.

Vansh: My most impressive talent is to beat everyone up. 

Aadil: Vansh’s most impressive talent is farting whenever he wants to. 

What is Aadil’s IQ level?

Namgyal: It’s quite high. He’ll be the future Albert Einstein. 

Vansh: Once Aadil said 100 divided by 2 is 200 so I think his IQ level is higher than Stephen Hawking and Einstein combined. 

Aadil: My IQ level is 250+

Ira is a staff reporter.

Edited by Kyra. 

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