Advice from Valorem

With graduation around the corner, here is what the class of 2023 has to say to Woodstock.

Kyra and Eliya: Don’t regret anything and don’t get stuck on things because it is a waste of the time you have in school. The years go by super fast so in the end regrets are not what you want.

Arjun: Pace yourself. I know everyone says it, but the IB is truly a marathon. Take your time and slow down whenever possible. Woodstock is a time warp, and you’ll forever thank yourself for truly appreciating it while you can.

Isha: Don’t stress about the little things because at that moment it seems really significant but in the next few months or when you graduate you won’t remember those things and instead will remember the overall experience. So don’t give unnecessary things too much importance. On the academic side, I would say do not take Grade 11 for granted because you have a lot of free time and if you spend it productively, Grade 12 becomes much easier. Also don’t associate one bad grade with your self worth because the IB is hard. That one grade does not define your potential. Take your mistakes as a learning experience to become better.

Prisha: I believe it is vital to find things you love doing – which also help you in some way – like allowing you to gain a life skill. In my case, community engagement, which I love contributing to, helped me expand as an individual, form a sense of shared community, and polish and learn new skills: leadership, public speaking, and collaboration.

Sumaira: Don’t think twice about stepping out of your comfort zone. Even though it might scare you in the moment, at the end of it you will remember pushing yourself to do something new and achieving it. In terms of studying I get that school is hard so it is important to sometimes just stop and appreciate everyone around you and the opportunities you have.

Shreya: Don’t limit yourself to what you think you are good at, always try new things and don’t be afraid of failure. I know this might sound cliche but don’t be afraid to fall because if you do then you can always get up and do it again. The result is always worth it.

Shivom: Seize every opportunity. At Woodstock, many students get the chance to do something great so when you see something coming along your way, seize it!

Rushita: It’s never too late to start working on achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. In terms of academics especially, it’s best to start spending time on what’s important rather than thinking about negative outcomes. The IB is hard and having a balance between everything you do is extremely important, so remind yourself to find a space or activity that helps you cope with everything going on.

Dyumna: People care less than you think, or rather, their opinions about you amount to almost nothing in the long term. Keep messing around. The more you mess around, the more you find out.

Shivani is a staff reporter.

Edited by Aryaman.

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