A Piece of Woodstock’s Heart: Art Service in Kaplani

The feeling of offering a second hand during desperate times; especially for a good cause, is admirable. Lending a heart for a lost soul to talk to, or a friendly face to do arts and crafts with is most definitely reassuring.

Recently, a few Woodstock students took the initiative to associate with people from the Kaplani school to raise funds. The Kaplani Art Service Project was designed and initiated by Grade 11 students Pritish and Manav. The charity produced would go towards their school foundation to obtain money and purchase supplies for the art department and other vital facilities. Furthermore, providing us with a general insight into the minimal lifestyle the students of Kaplani abide by, would keep us exceptionally humble. Being a part of the Woodstock community guarantees students a limitless amount of opportunities that could greatly benefit them in the long run. A stream of opportunities that aren’t often put forward for everyone.

Woodstock students could voluntarily participate in this project by simply signing up and ensuring that they remain consistent throughout. The benevolence of every individual gradually unveils as soon as they partake in similar activities; allowing them to put others before themselves – a generous act of selflessness. This journey also enables Woodstock students to make new friends, refraining from encountering the same familiar faces. A change in environment, lifestyle, and friendships, even for a whole day can shine a light on the greatest aspects of the whole experience.

Grade 10 student, Anoushka, was an integral part of this project. She was “working with Grade 6 students for the Rangeela Project.” In her words, the project aimed to “bridge the gap between their academics and their curriculum requirements, which also included art as a subject.” As the Kaplani School was unable to provide them with an art teacher. Woodstock students took the initiative to fulfill that void in their curriculum. Anoushka worked in the field of Origami allowing her to convey her natural artistic creativity to all the 6th-grade students.

She says how “they were nervous at first, however, while working with them, they were interacting with each other to understand their lifestyle overall.” Humbly, she mentioned how students at Kaplani undergo their daily 1-hour walk in the morning and evening – while we end up complaining about an inclined, uphill stroll that barely lasts 15 minutes!

Overall, it was inspiring and interesting for Woodstock students to hear how these 6th graders are tremendously dedicated to their education. Hats off to those who were a part of this project, considering that they came back to dorms: potentially covered in paint, with pieces of paper stuck in their hair, and feeling greatly altruistic.

Aditi is a staff reporter.

Edited by Asha.

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