Meet the Team: Senior Boys Basketball

If you’re a sports enthusiast at our school, you may already be familiar with our famous basketball team. With their unwavering dedication to the game, the basketball team has become a cornerstone of our school’s sports program, winning countless games and tournaments, and becoming a source of pride for all woodstockers. In this article we will take a closer look at the ever improving team.

What aspects of basketball do you get most excited about?

Jaemin: Samuael’s layups.

Lhagyel: Jaemin’s dribbling.

Samuael: Lhagyel’s acting when he gets fouled.

What’s the best Basketball game that you have played till now? And against whom?

Lhagyel: The second game of the Asian School tournament where we played SelaQui International School and I scored 30 points.

Kekhrie: Against Keundrub’s team in Swishahathon.

Who’s your favorite Basketball player?

Samuael: Jaemin Han – Supreme Leader.

Kekhrie: Me.

What’s the schedule looking like these days?

Jaemin: I wake up at 4am to practice 500 layups a day. I then go up to school, come back down and practice 500 pull-up jumpers again.

Kuendrub: Usually we have practice 3 times a week and I practice on my own in my free time, but we haven’t had practice in a while because of rain and exams.

If you could change one thing about the way basketball is played, what would it be?

Lhagyel: We should play basketball but with our feet and instead of a net use a goal post.

Yash Kejriwal: Basketball has become very iso-centric. It’s understandable, but if I could change something then I would make Basketball a proper team sport again like the 2014 spurs.

What do you guys do when the practices are flexible and when the mood is light-hearted?

Jaemin: The mood is never light. Our captain always screams if we take it lightly, I’m scared of Kuendrub.

Kuendrub: We don’t, because I’m scared of Jaemin.

Kekhrie: We don’t have those practices.

There is a game tomorrow, but you are feeling sick. Would you play anyway?

Samuael: Yes, since I have to represent my school, and do my best for the team.

Jaemin and Lhagyel: We don’t get sick.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your coaches?

Lhagyel: Don’t argue with the refs even if they make the worse calls

Kuendrub: Don’t pass Jaemin the ball.

Krishna is a staff reporter.

Edited by Aryaman,

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