Newcomers share views of school

Woodstock grows every year as new students from around the world join with new hopes and dreams.  

The first few weeks of climbing up to school (especially with the monsoon downpours), getting used to the grading system and the food have given the newcomers a great deal of experience and opinions about the school.   

Students seem to be amalgamating well for the most part, though some do have some concerns about the community.

Ismail Elainain, who just joined the class of 2019, is a Palestinian refugee living in Lebanon,  and a member of the small Muslim community at Woodstock. He commented on school’s diverse nature, saying, “Woodstock has accepted me and my beliefs far easier than I expected.”  He also likes the education system and says that “the understanding and application-based education system is a lot better and useful for a student than the memorizing system I had in my previous school.”

He is also happy about the measures the school takes to help him get to university and thinks that this school could be his “path to a great future” and help him achieve his dream of becoming a dentist.

Other students had different things they liked. Anika Suares from Bombay, Class of 2019,  said, “I like how the daily life of Woodstock is so involved with nature, the whole community living and studying in the Himalayas together.”  

Even the food, traditionally insulted by students, was appreciated by Matthew Tharappel, a talented musician from Hyderabad, as he said, “The food is nice if compared to other boarding schools, (due to its) good varieties.”

Sahil Jacob, Class of 2019, liked the programs we have, “My old school had close to zero music or outdoor based programs, a sharp contrast to this one.”

However, another student had an idea for how the students at school can improve and make the community a better place.  

Ansh Vora, class of 2019, said, “The students could be a little more friendly, and a little less egotistical.”  However, he said, the students are very “welcoming and kind.”   

The new students are very skilled in several fields and are sure to contribute much to the Woodstock community.

For example, Tharappel said, “I hope to the school and its heritage, especially musical heritage.” With his musical talent as a pianist, tabla player, and composer, he’s well placed to do just that.

Vora, a national level squash player and a passionate football player, said, “I hope to offer all my sports talent for the benefit of my new school.”


Photo by Faisal Qadir
Photo by Faisal Qadir


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