Here comes the sun

Most Woodstockers find the Mussoorie monsoons depressing. Dark, gloomy skies, slimy leeches … there are many good reasons why monsoons are hated. They even make the “freshly cleaned” dhobi clothes stink.

I remember when I was a new student, the monsoon used to make me homesick. Walking up to school with an umbrella and a heavy bag used to annoy me. Not to mention the fact that I had to buy a new umbrella every week. I’m sure everyone feels this when they first come to Woodstock. I have seen five Mussoorie monsoons now and every year it has been irritating. It always tests my patience.

Now that the monsoon is over, there is a lot more a Woodstock student can do. We can finally walk without repeatedly checking our bodies for leeches. We can endlessly play sports without fearing illnesses and injuries in the rain.

We can go for the weekend hikes and make the most of Woodstock’s beautiful location. We can go up to Chaar Dukaan for a hot meal, roam around the Chakkar and enjoy the views. More importantly we can go to the bazaar without getting soaked.  

Students don’t have to wear raincoats and carry umbrellas anymore, they can just wear a t-shirt to school. For me the sun means everything in Woodstock. I can just step outside and work on my AP English essay. I love the sun in Mussoorie, it’s a true blessing.

Here in Mussoorie, the sun means one thing: winter is on its way.

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