She said, She said, She said: Diya, Devyani, Shriya

The Woodstocker is back with the He said/She said features on people at Woodstock School.

Diya, Devyani and Shriya are best friends and were asked questions to see who knows who the best.

Please note: No answers were discussed. 

What is Devyani’s jersey number? 

Shriya : 7 or 11

Diya : It’s like a 14, no no no it’s a 3 or a 4? 7? 6?  Were any of those right?

Devyani : I’ve played with many but it’s 10.

Diya : Why are you 10? That’s such a bland number, go with 6.

What is Shreya’s favourite food?

Devyani : It’s some weird oatmeal thing

Diya : It’s this really ganda tasting cookie but she loves it, Shreya what is it called> Oh wait you can’t tell me. 

It’s rice? It’s rye? 

Shreya : Yeah it is yellow biscuit things 

What is Diya’s go to song?

Devyani : Canyon moon, by what’s his name Harry Styles. 

Shriya : Has to be some slow depressing song, I think Steal my Girl.

Diya : Yeah I love one direction, but has to be Canyon Moon. 

Who is the messiest?

Devyani : Diya, because the concept of washing anything, or folding is non-existent for her.

Shriya : Has to be Diya 

Diya : Yeah, I’m messy 

Who has the worst taste in guys? 

Diya : Devyani! 

Shriya : Devyani

Devyani : NO, liking Timothee Chalamet doesn’t classify as bad taste. 

Diya : Should we name 10 other guys besides Timothee? 

What annoys Shriya the most? 

Diya : Chewing or breathing loudly 

Devyani : She does both of those things though!!

Shriya : Has to be chewing loudly. 

Diya : Yeah she’s constantly slapping me on the head and asking me to stop chewing, I’m like I’m eating what you want me to do. 

What does Devyani do in her free time? 

Diya : She listens to really depressing slowed down music and paints. 

Shriya : Paints, plays fortnite or watches Youtube. 

Diya : Or sits on bunk beds. 

Devyani : Yeah fair but I don’t listen to depressing music, I listen to slow songs. 

Diya : Same thing 

Would Diya be a good parent? 

Devyani and Shriya: No. 

Devyani : She would drop the child.

Diya : I take care of both of you, I’m not getting the credit I deserve here. 

Who gets the other two into the most trouble? 

Devyani : Shriya 

Diya : Shriya 

Shriya : I agree

What was your first impression of the other two? 

Devyani : For Shriya, man I hated her. 

Diya : I hated Shriya. 

Devyani : Yeah we both hated Shriya at the beginning. 

Diya : Yeah, for Devyani I thought she was taller than I expected. 

Shriya : I absolutely hated Diya, when I found out she was my roommate I was almost going to cry. I thought Devyani was really chill, but I thought she was too innocent and no fun at all but they are actually very cool and nice people.

Dyumna is a staff reporter.

Edited by Kyra

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